Life Stories

Lifestyle photography is exactly that – documenting life – from something as momentous as greeting a new bundle of joy into the family to the joy in your child’s eyes with something as simple as their first taste of chocolate milk. Filled with emotion and raw moments. These photos are natural, real, authentic, beautiful.

Lifestyle Documentary Photography

These pictures are not perfect portraits. Shirts will wrinkle, hair will be out of place, tears may be shed (meltdowns happen and it is okay because they make the BEST photos). Anything and everything will be captured for the ultimate keepsake – pictures that give a glimpse into your real life, the authentic day-to-day behaviours and activities that fly by unnoticed. They may seem trivial or simplistic at the time but they truly are so much more. 

As time goes on, and your family grows and changes, those quirks and characteristics you once adored have faded or evolved – these perfectly imperfect photos documenting a slice of your life will be your own personal time capsule to relive those fleeting moments and priceless memories. Lifestyle photography truly is an investment in memories.

Let’s create some moments to cherish forever. Contact to book your session *Limited spots each month*